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Geyser Lounge Vol. 2
Compilation / May 2009 / GNET12
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Massa Takemoto - Dreamlet
Manudub Soundsystem - Blue Area
Geyser - A Flicker of an Understanding
Spied - Spooky Mission Boulevard
Pattysplanet - Venus (Live)
Kat 5ive - Shade
LFOcean - Ganymed
Anno Bergmann - Complete
Schow - Fern Ab
Teimer - Staffel
Riad Michael - Tournament
Rheinproduktion - Beata
Featuring Tetsuroh Konishi on Massa Takemoto - Dreamlet
Featuring Kikhausen on Spied - Spooky Mission Boulevard
Both Geyser Lounge compilation volumes maintain Geyser's pristine jazz-funk and dub inspired electronica style reaching from downtempo to drum 'n' bass and house oriented grooves.
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